Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Cards to Heaven Have No Stamps...

our yearly celebration for eli's 5th birthday took place yesterday.
the kids were out of school that day.
they say it was for a 4 day weekend, emma says it was for eli's birthday.
(i like em's version better)

we bought mylar balloons this year.
usually we do laytex.
but these were so shiny and bright.
and one was green.
(you can't pass that up if you're evan)

so we wrote our birthday wishes to our sweet brother & son, now 5.

and we prepared for the mailing of them by singing "happy birthday" to our little boy in heaven.

happy 5th birthday, eli.

can you bELIeve we made it five years?
five years ago i didn't think i'd make even one.

but ive got a lot to fight for.

and as he does every year, for the sixth time,

eli sent us a delivery confirmation.

in his sunbeams, he tells hubby that he's stronger than he thinks, and he's done amazingly well at keeping his family strong, faithful, and happy. the best husband and father there is.

he tells his big sister that she has saved our lives by being who she is, by bELIeving, by her unwavering faith and honesty.

he tells his little brother that he is brave, he is strong, and he is destined for great things.
that their days of playing together in the great kingdom will come to pass once again, when he finishes his tests down here.

and he tells his mommy that he's okay.
and she's okay.
and it's gonna be okay.
because im doing just fine

and he loves us.
and he thanks us for the balloons.
and he had a glorious birthday.

(how could you not, with the people he's partying with!?)

happy birthday, little one.
i love you.

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  1. There aren't really any words that will do justice to your last 2 posts so let me just say Happy Birthday to your Angel Boy and hugs to your sweet family.

  2. I don't know what to write either. This is such so beautiful! What a wonderful family you have.

  3. I came over to your blog to find pictures of you for my (TOP SECRET) project(SOON TO BE REVEALED!) and I stumbled upon post after post of beautifully written stories about your life. And then I read and reread all the sweet and touching posts that you wrote for Eli and cried through each one. Beautiful. Tears are streaming down my face. I wonder if your Eli and my Faith are pals in heaven? They are only 10 months apart..... Much love to you and your sweet family. - Micayla


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