Wednesday, September 14, 2011

B-29 Superfortress!

Now, I have to say, the "affordable family fun" part was pretty different from what I went there thinking. I know it was pretty delirious to think that we'd get to ride on the thing for free, but I thought we'd at least get to look inside. Nope. The $5 admission fee covered you getting onto the airport yard to look at it up close, which was pretty cool. If you wanted to go inside and have a look, it would cost you another $5/person, $3/child (umm, sorry kids, they are only letting grandpas on today, we'll have to go look at this nice blue one...), and to actually ride in it, well, you're looking at over $1600/person.
So, needless to say, we had a fun look at the outside of the gigantoid jet with its huge wheels and guns, then scurried off to the playground.
 Not the B-29, but this cockpit tour was free (hee hee!)

 Sometimes I feel like the einsteins have these "butt guns", too.
(From their dad's side, of course)
 GIANT wheels!
These were completely covered in grease and black gunk, which wasn't clear to us until...
 (It was also covering the back of his shirt and shorts)
Can you see us in the propeller?!?
 The jet was named "Fifi", but each engine had a name, too.
 The boys also got to see a helicopter take off, a few little flight school take-offs, and a private jet being worked on.

We'll have to go back again soon to go look around the plane hangar and stuff.
Evan was just enamored with it all.
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