Thursday, September 29, 2011

3-Year-Old Wit

Little boy: Mommy! Look! There's the red bus!
Mommy: you're right! That IS the red line! Good observation!
Little boy: it's the ketchup bus, mommy!
Mommy: smiles
Little Boy: that's so funny, mommy. I'm funny.
Mommy: (L-ing OL) yes, you ARE. you are SO funny. Pin It

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Day in History...

Isn't it amazing to think that you've been experiencing September 22nd for as many years as you've been alive? Today is my 34th 9/22 (35 if you count the 9/22 I was busy growing arm and leg buds in utero!)
As an avid picture taker, there is rarely a day gone by since Em was born that hasn't been documented on film (or pixels). Perhaps when they are 33, they'll be able to compile 35 photos of themselves for every day of the year.
For now, we'll start in 2003.

We were almost on the road to our new house in California. We had packed most of the house, the moving truck had come and gone, and I caught these two playing in a suitcase in the entryway.
It became the picture of our "we've moved!" cards and address labels later on.
 In 2004, we were at one of my VERY favorite places to go in Cali. Lemo's Farm. We went on opening day every year while we lived there. It was quite a long drive, the traffic backed up for miles when it came to the steep mountain roads going down to Half Moon Bay.
Emma loved picking out her pumpkins and riding the rides and ponies. I loved the giftshop!
 On this day in 2005, we were at "Kids Fest" in San Jose. Her favorite care bear was there, and she was thrilled to meet him (and was trick-or-treating as him later this year, too!). She ice skated for the 3rd time in her life there, but this time it was on synthetic ice, so it wasn't cold (as you can tell).
 In 2006, we were back at Lemo's Farm again! This was a bittersweet trip. We had just lost Eli, and it was so hard to be out doing anything that we had planned on doing with him there. He had a little pumpkin outfit ready for his first trip to the fall mecca, complete with the tiniest little brown soft boots. It seems forever ago. I was glad we went though. It would be our last trip there, and I enjoyed watching Emma explore this world she, by now, knew very well. My mom was with us, too, and it was special to introduce her to this place, as I get my love of fall from her.
 In 2007, we had moved back to Oklahoma and bought our first house. The house we fell in love with the moment we pulled up to the driveway. On this day, we were changing the walls in Emma's room. We removed the wallpaper border of little baby dresses, and hung a new one that matched her bedding and such. This would be the first big change in our home.
 2008 was a happy year. Our long awaited baby had arrived, and the weather was cool and sunny. His eyes were still blue on this day, and they would stay that way so long that it made me a little worried they would stay that way, never changing into the deep dark beautiful browns that the rest of us have.
My GOSH, isn't he just enough to make you want another baby? All sweet and handsome, squishy and squirmy?
 September 22, 2009 must have been another beautiful day. I remember charging the battery for this truck that morning as she went off in the big bus to school, in preparation for her return. She pulled him around like this for quite awhile. They would both giggle and laugh when they would go down the edge of the driveway into the street because the wagon would roll fast, bumping into the truck.
 I was a little suprised that I hadn't seen anything OSU up to this point. It seems we are always out around campus in the fall. This was 2010's Pistol Pete Partners day. The kids got to meet the football team and head out to the field to play. It was raining on and off that evening, and we left a soaking mess.

 Now, what will we have in store for 2011...

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It's {officially} fall!

The first day of autumn has arrived!
And it's brought with it a cool wind and splatters of rain. I love it.
Hubby brought me home some fallish flowers earlier this week. I love them, too.
This weekend we had BIG plans to go to the Monarch Migration Festival, but, unfortunately, because if the drought and heat this summer, many of the plants they depend on for substanance on their trip died, meaning that many of the monarchs won't make it this far, the festival was cancelled.
SO, we have big plans (again) to attend the Bigfoot Festival next weekend.
(Can you imagine the people we'll meet?!)
It's gonna be fun.

OH! And if you don't have any plans, head on over to THIS website. Saturday is Museum Day and the Smithsonian Museums are giving out FREE passes for 2 to any of their museums. (One of which is the Oklahoma Science Museum (formerly the Omniplex), which is where we scooped ours up from.

Lemmie know if you go - maybe we'll see you there!
Happy Fall!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Checklist!

Summer is over...or at least for the day, seeing as how it's a chilly 61 degrees at the highest today (in contrast to the 106 yesterday - welcome to Oklahoma.), so I decided that we should take down the summer checklist, and this year, put up a fall one!

I mean, really. Who says summer gets all the fun?!
And we didn't quite finish eeeeeeeverything on our summer checklist, so we may add a few leftovers to the fun as well.
Think of something you do for fallish fun around these here parts that you'd like to share?
Lemmie know!
We're game!
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A little boy and his train

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Field Trip!

It was a big day for Evan today!
He had his first school field trip!
The class was walking down to the public library for a storytime with Ms. Mary!

I got there a little early and watched him for a bit as he pedaled around the playground on the tricycle.
 Ms. Diane then lined them all up to get ready to go!
There were 3 teachers and 3 moms ready to walk them the few blocks down the street.
 When we arrived, they all found a good seat and sat cris-cross-applesauce to wait for the storytime to begin.
 At the end, the class stood up and sang Ms. Mary a "Thank You Song".
Super cute.
(Yes, that's my kid adjusting his unders. It runs in the family,too.)
And then, we walked back, tired and hungry.
They all did great.
What a wonderful thing that they are close enough to do this every month!
Way to go, Evan!
And thank you for inviting me along on your big day!

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B-29 Superfortress!

Now, I have to say, the "affordable family fun" part was pretty different from what I went there thinking. I know it was pretty delirious to think that we'd get to ride on the thing for free, but I thought we'd at least get to look inside. Nope. The $5 admission fee covered you getting onto the airport yard to look at it up close, which was pretty cool. If you wanted to go inside and have a look, it would cost you another $5/person, $3/child (umm, sorry kids, they are only letting grandpas on today, we'll have to go look at this nice blue one...), and to actually ride in it, well, you're looking at over $1600/person.
So, needless to say, we had a fun look at the outside of the gigantoid jet with its huge wheels and guns, then scurried off to the playground.
 Not the B-29, but this cockpit tour was free (hee hee!)

 Sometimes I feel like the einsteins have these "butt guns", too.
(From their dad's side, of course)
 GIANT wheels!
These were completely covered in grease and black gunk, which wasn't clear to us until...
 (It was also covering the back of his shirt and shorts)
Can you see us in the propeller?!?
 The jet was named "Fifi", but each engine had a name, too.
 The boys also got to see a helicopter take off, a few little flight school take-offs, and a private jet being worked on.

We'll have to go back again soon to go look around the plane hangar and stuff.
Evan was just enamored with it all.
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Cowboy Fever

It always throws me off a little when we have home games during the week. It involves a little more work. Picking up Em a little early from school, cutting nap a bit short, and packing the older version of a baby's diaperbag during lunch.
This day, the kids and I decided to ride the brown line to the stadium to meet hubby, who was driving because he was staying for the game.
While the pep rallies are our normal, every-game tradition, occasionally we venture to the north side of the stadium to mingle among the crowds and pick up some more junk for the toy boxes.
We stopped at the face painting booth first, it's always a must when the line is short. Trust me.

 Next we all played giant plinko. The einsteins both won silly bands and I won (drum roll, please!)
...a tire pressure gage!
(Hey, I can't complain, I seriously DID need that.)
 Making some spirit signs...
 ...and roping cattle, although she ended up roping herself...
(You can take the girl outta the city, but ya can't take the city outta the girl)
 Evan met Cowboy Kenny, a motorcross rider I went to high school with.
He was putting on a stunt show for the fans today.

 So we sat and waited for the show.
 And it. was. awesome.

and then we caught the last brown line back home while the Cowboys kicked butt!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

...and you thought they were from Utah!

Driving through a fast food joint after church, we began talking about baptism, and when one was "ready" to be baptized. I told Em that if we were Mormans, she would have to be just this age before being baptized. In reply, she says "Mormans? Are they the people from Norman?"

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Friday, September 9, 2011


As I sit here, under a giant dryer, I have decided that (since I can't hear the gossip) I'd try out the new blogger app for iPhone.
Seems alright, except I can't see all my labels and I can't figure out how to insert my pictures where I want em to go!
Let's see, shall we, how this turns out (my hair, too)
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cowboy Season Opener!

There are some days, many actually, that I'm convinced mother nature is NOT a Cowboys fan. Our games are constantly plagued with extreme heat, extreme cold, and extreme rain, sleet, and/or hail. Its true. We get one or two home games a season that are perfect football weather, but Saturday's season opener was SO not.

The weather channel app claimed it was going to be cool (yes!), but it turns out a few days beforehand, ol' mother nature decided to turn the heater back on and roasted us some Cowboy fans. (No!)
 Nonetheless, our friend Logan offered us his tickets due to a golf tournament, and John jumped at the chance before I even knew what was going on.
His levels are getting back to normal now, so I suppose a bit of fun in the midst of all this seemed alright.
(and it WAS, after all, OSU football...)
(and it WAS, after all, with Logan's sister, who is a best best friend EVER!)

So saturday afternoon we headed up to the pep rally with the einsteins in tow. It was legacy day at the Cowboy Corral, and the kids love that.
They have all kinds of games and colorings and tattoos and swag for the little cowkids.
 At the registration desk, they had flyers about the program. On the back side you could fill out the info and sign your legacy up. On the front side...
 Yep. That's us. Still using that picture.
You know, the one that I'm hiding a big ol' swollen belly containing a baby Evan inside and a chubby dimple endowed face.
Pretty cool, though, eh? Emma always likes to see that picture and tell Ev that he's there, hiding under the table.

Next it was off to "The Walk".
Now, if you haven't been to an OSU home game, you fail.
But, if you want to be not so failure, attend the pep rally at the Cowboy Corral. It opens 3 hours before the game at the alumni center. We mingle with the usuals (mostly old alumni) and eat while we wait for the rally to start. At that point, the band comes, the cheers and poms come, and Mr. pete himself comes, too.
Afterwards, head outside to "The Walk". The football team and coaches make the walk from the student union to the stadium. There's more band playing and swag giving involved, but mostly a crowded, orange filled crowd that follows the team all the way to Boone Pickens Stadium.
 We didn't walk with them this day. It was over 100 again and the einsteins were being picked up by their grandad, so we walked to the OSU firestation to await his arrival.
Evan thought the trucks were WAY cool, andn we even got to hear the bells sound, watch the firemen dress and rush off to a run, and come back and maneuver that giant ladder truck back insde its garage again.
 Once the einsteins were off safely, hubby & I headed over to Nickle's tailgate and we all walked to the stadium in the sweltering, horrible, no good, heat.
(and I kinda wanted to go home)
But we got our seats and got some water and got some frozen lemonade, and we were ready for the game.

and we WON, of course.

Way to go, Cowboys!

Now off to enjoy the rest of my Labor Day!

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