Thursday, August 4, 2011

You there, in the had a question?

My friend Joan, over at Notes From Oklahoma  posted a blog asking her readers if there was anything that they wondered about her, this blogalicious Oklahoma gal. And I got to thinking that perhaps that was a pretty good idea. I mean, there are times I read articles or blogs and I wish I could call them up and be all "Hey! What?! Where did you find that tiny trinket in the background?" or "Can you show me a picture of your face, because it drives me nuts to not know who is talking to me (and the rest of the world)?"
SOoooo, here I am, asking my precious little handful of readers and creepers to go ahead and ask those FAQs. Are there any Qs that you FA about me, or us?
Well, no hand raising required. Ask away!

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  1. I've already asked one question on your "love" blog post. But, I have another...

    Why Einsteins? I'm sure you may have blogged about it before, but I'm too lazy to search. =)

  2. Well, with the overwhelming amount of questions asked (that's what I get for knowing almost all my followers up close and personal!), I suppose I can finally get to you, Joan! ;)
    The Einsteins are the kids, collectively because their initials are both (actually all 3 kids)E.M.C. The two living kids are EMC2, or E=MC squared, Einstein's Formula (which also related to the atomic bomb, and I'm not so sure these two don't equal that power of destruction!)

    Oh! And my point and shoot is a canon SD4000is. The f stop is amazingly low. I almost never ever use a flash. (In fact, I think twice, at night!).
    There are newer models now, I believe. I upgraded from another elph before that, too. Can't go wrong!


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