Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UFO's (Unfortunately) exist!

Chemo is on hold! But, before you pack up the car to head over for a party, I have to tell you why.
After that last week in the hospital, they followed up with a good ol' heart exam. They had found what looked like a hitchhiker's thumb flapping inside the left ventrical of hubby's heart. What is it, you ask? Well, we're asking, too. As it turns out, it's pretty likely it's one of three things: A bacterial growth, a blood clot, or a tumor. None are good, but obviously there are better options than others. Now I sleep lay at night roling over several times to make sure this UFO (unidentified flapping object) hasn't lodged itself free and given hubby a stroke in his sleep! (I know, I'm seriously overdramatic, I know. and for that matter, I also walk into the einsteins rooms at any hour during the night to make sure SIDS didn't strike my 8 and 3 year olds. See whatimean?)
So anyway, today we made our (almost normal) trek to the city today for more tests and CTScans and future appointment makings. We won't know what the stupid UFO is until someone calls sometime, someday this week (I hope).
Oh! And by the way, we are getting pretty close to 100,000 miles on our van, and I'm thinking it's gonna happen this summer, considering our frequent flyer miles to OUCC!
Also on the agenda for today:
1.Enrollment Verification at Em's school. Basically, bring 5 checks to the school, get overcharged for walmart school supplies you could buy at Saks 5th Avenue, dipped in gold with Swarovski crystal logos for cheaper (at full price!), and a bunch of other must-haves, and walk out with nothing but an empty bank account and a dazed and confused look on your face.
2. Exchange Ev's new school shoes for a smaller size because (note to self!) the actual Converse store sizes a little different than the ones it makes for retail stores like Target or Famous Footwear. Why? I have no idea, and neither did the sales ladies.
3. Collapse in bed EARLY. (We'll see how THAT goes).

Tuesday feels like a Monday, and I'm tired and grouchy.

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  1. It is 8:30 and I hope you are collapsed, in bed early.

    I guess 2011 is NOT going to give you guys a break at all. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


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