Thursday, August 11, 2011


You sent abundant rain, O God, to refresh the weary land.
Psalm 68:9

It's as if everything (me included!) is closing its eyes and facing upward as if to feel a miracle on our faces.

I'm a gloomy day person. To most, it makes them feel down and sleepy. Even depressed.

To me, I feel just darn right better.
Perhaps my soul is a little on the Eeyore side, and it connects with days like these.
Perhaps my piscean birthsign begs for water.
Perhaps I love the smell that means clean leaves and wet mud.
it's because I love the picture in my mind when it's raining and emma excitedly states that baby eli is pouring rain again.

and I can see him.

Standing in between God's crouching knees, both their hands holding a magnificent gold watering can, one atop the other's.
And He smiles as Eli leans over to watch the rain falling



onto his mommy
who is standing
arms open
facing the sky

feeling a miracle

and smiling because it is so.

even if it isn't so.
{to you.}

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