Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love...

Its days like today that get me uber down in the dumps. It's 110 outside, half of our income this paycheck has gone out the window due to the week long hospital stay, the kids are "booooooooorrred", all my flowers died, and most of my friends are off to fun vacations, leaving me here in my dead brown yard, all alone. (Invitations to the pity party were also lost in the mail, sorry).
SO, I decided that while the kids lay down for nap at-LEAST-be-quiet time, I m going to remember things that I love, that I enjoy, and write them down so that maybe I can sew playclothes out of my curtains for the kids and go trolloping across the hillsides singing Do, a deer...or at least get a smile out of myself! Worth a try, right?
So, here we go, with a few things I love (in no particular order)...

1. Monty Harper's The Great Green Squishy Mean Concert CD. It's not his newest, but it's by far my favorite. The two songs I love the most are "loose tooth" and "trick or treat". Monty Harper puts hilarity into his songs that make not only kids, but adults, too, laugh at loud at everyday experiences. With a kid friendly, Raffi-like voice, Mr. Harper is great fun for our whole family, and we have this one on repeat all year long.

2. KEEN sandals. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. These are by far the best for summer. They are cool, stay on the kids feet even while chasing escapee dogs or riding bikes at buzz lightyear speeds. They are cute, colorful (or not), and waterproof. (And as lake dwellers, this is a huge plus!)
We're keen on getting the Payless versions, too, which seem to hold up just as well, just aren't as quick at drying out from a soak in the lake or splash pad, and limited designs.

3. Sipper-top water bottles. I bought one for each of us (in dfferent colors) from Walmart for $5 each, and they are the absolute BEST. They are almost the same as these water bottles from camelback. They are large, transparent, and easy to take apart to wash. Best of all - they were uber cheap, so I can replace them if one should get left behind at a soccer game or cheer practice.

4. Bountiful Soaps. In a world where bars of soap have almost been totally replaced by body wash or liquid soaps, it seems a bit odd that these are on my love list, but I have to tell you why. If you didn't already know, Evan is severely allergic to mosquito bites. Within a half hour of being bit, his skin is bright red and HUGE. An hour or so later, the bite is filled with liquid and could easily be mistaken for a burn. When it finally busts open, the risk of re-infection is great, and for a infant/todder with a hate for bandaids, it's untolerable. when you have a tiny baby, you can't really apply bug spray day and night on their delicate skin, so we tried everything. Skin-so-soft, repelling anklets, candles, dryer sheets, everything. Then one day, I won a couple bars of bountiful soaps at a baby shower, and having discovered that they are made naturally, I used them on Evan, and began to notice that he was getting fewer and fewer bites. I did a little research on the soaps and saw that their ingredients include natural bug repelling oils. Evan is probably old enough to have bug spray on most of the day now, but most of the time, he doesn't. Awesome, isn't it?!?

5. My Canon point-and-shoot camera. Now I have to say, I LOVE my DSLR Nikon camera, which is what I shoot with a lot, but when it comes to point-and-shoot cameras, Canon towers over any Nikon P&S camera I have tried. The lenses are AWESOME, the settings in both manual and auto are really easy to maneuver and set, and they are small. I carry mine in my purse ALL the time, and even though my iphone gets a lot of the "omgsh hurry!! Look!!" moments (because its already attached to my hand), my canon usually has the most important jobs.

I think that's good for now. 5 items I absolutely love, and perhaps you will, too. (and, as a side note, I didn't recieve compensation or goodies from these companies...I'm just a mom and wife that loves what she loves!)

Are there things out there you just absolutely love that I should know about? Am I missing out on all the fun?!? Let me know! (As a matteroffact I am in the researching stage of a tablet...besides ipad, please!)

Happy thoughts!
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  1. What?!? No iPad love? Well, I have picked out two pretty good Android tablets, the Asus Transformer and the Toshiba Thrive. But I wouldn't give up on the iPad just yet. :)

  2. What type of Canon point and shoot? I think I need (want) one.

    I want an Ipad too. ;)


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