Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Emma & her best friend, Gavin were nervous the summer this photo was taken.
They had been together in class since they began school 3 years before, and this year wasn't going to continue that trend.
To help ease the pain of a new school year without each other side by side, I had bought them these necklaces that magnetized together when they were close and they recieved them from me as I prepared to photograph a family. (They were drug along).
When I looked over to check on them, I literally gasped with awe, and tears welled up in my eyes.
It was so sweet to see them there, in amazement and wonder that their friendship was there in tangible material. Two pieces of one, separated, but together.
I watched them for awhile, praying that God would grant them the strength to accept this independence building opportunity, together, but separate.
And guess what?
He did.

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  1. aw such a cute story to go behind the cute photo !

  2. what a great moment to capture... i love it!

  3. That moment, captured, is so precious. Lucky you!


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