Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend

My little guy turned THREE. Can you believe it? Really? Three?!?
His birthday was going to be rather overlooked, or so I thought. Hubby was still in the hospital an hours drive away, and I had nothing done for his party that weekend, but he would love it anyway, so i wasn't worried.
His actual birthday began Thursday morning. He and Em received reading awards at the library for their hours of summer reading. Evan logged in at just over 10 hours and Em over 15, which is pretty good, I thought, for the busy summer we've had this year!
Congrats, Einsteins!
 Afterwards, we headed home and loaded all Evan's birthday gifts, decorations, and candle into the car and headed up to see Hubs at the hospital for a birthday party. He was busy doing tests and meeting with doctors, so we spent some time in Bricktown until he was ready.
We started off with a picnic lunch of Ev's favorite meal - white rice & "sprinkles" - a rice flavoring that consists of salt and sesame seeds.
 He. Was. LOVING it!
 Next, we took a ride on the water taxi boats. It wasn't too crowded, considering it was the 30-somethingth day over 100 degrees, so it was nice.

 Good grief, is he handsome, or WHAT?
 We were overheating by the end of the ride, so we cooled off inside Bass Pro Shops (LOVE!) for awhile. The big attraction for the kids is always the shooting range.
 But the gun was too heavy for Ev, so Grammie stepped in to knock off a few critters for him.
 When our body temperatures went back down below 110, we headed up to the hospital. As luck would have it, we got to see a helicopter arrive (it had been alluding us ALL week!).
 And we got to see the other one take off!
The biggest thrill? The paramedics opened up the side door and waved at the birthday boy as they flew off.

 That kept him smiling for quite awhile! :)
When we got to Daddy, he had a BIG birthday suprise for Evan - he was COMING HOME!! And I don't mean another "we're working on discharge papers! Come on up! Oh, wait, nevermind...". He was really coming home!
And Evan was THRILLED.
While we were walking out, i looked back and saw him walked alongside his daddy, hand in hand, just looking up at him smiling, like his whole world was right again.
And it was.

On the way home we stopped for birthday dinner at POPS (check it off the list!), but it was so crowded, we just picked out a 6 pack and left for the closest McDonalds. (He wanted a hangabur)
 A home care nurse was meeting us at home, and she didn't leave until almost 10:30, so Evan had a reallllly late night and a realllly late party.

 Hubby is on an IV 24/7 now. He has sepsis that wasn't properly treated during the hospital stay here last month, so now we're going to treat it correctly (and avoid Stillwater Medical Center at all costs! Grrrrr!)
Friday we slept in as late as the einsteins can sleep in (which is about 7:30) and I spent the day packing goodie bags and freezing juices and cleaning pools and sanitizing the house.
 Saturday morning arrived (party time!), and the house was decorated, my mom was filling water balloons, and it was going to be HOT!

 The drinks were nice and frozen solid (which wouldn't last long!)

 ...and the guests had a GREAT time in their watery, wet party place.

 The cake was served about 45 minutes later (in a hurry before it completely melted!)
Antonia Lee always makes his birthday cakes (Cakes by Antonia Lee, Shawnee, OK), and it was, as usual,  ADORABLE!

 The party was over in an hour, and the guests went home tired and happy.
Evan stayed up and opened presents and played alllllllll day long!
Sunday evening brought one more birthday cake that my dad had been planning for days.
he made it himself, and I hear he had to make several trips to the store to find the perfect wheels (this was the 3rd set) :)
He keot it hidden until it was time, and the look on Ev's face was priceless.
It's green and it has wheels.
What else could a little Evan want?

We hope you had a wonderful day, sweet boy.
You have been blessed with a birthday gift that is beyond comparison - having daddy back home - and so many friends and family that love you so much! We have all watched you grow from THIS to now, and we are so proud of what you have become.
Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.
I Love you.

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  1. You absolutely blow me away! You are so dedicated to your family. With all you have on your plate, you are able to keep "normal" for your kids. They are blessed, but then again, so are you. But you already know this. =)


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