Saturday, July 2, 2011


There's been a lot of this going on:
 Back and forth to the hospital, again and again, all day long to visit hubby, who is STILL there. (SUPER sad face).
The kids have began to pack their own "hopitol packpacks" (as Ev would say) to take with them. They know the drill.
 Hubby is keeping a positive attitude, and I wish I could look this good, but...well, you know...
 They won't let hubby leave until his fever is gone for 24 hours. We haven't made it yet.
 So there's a lot of meals eaten in "daddy's hopitol room".

 ...and there's a lot of lonely nights in my bed.
So, I spend my time doing things like this to poor, sleeping Dobby...

Thursday was the company picnic at Hubby's work, and we went, minus hubby.
Em loved getting in the dunking booth, and Ev loved throwing the balls, so it worked out perfect! May need to get one for the back yard. ;)
 Mmmmm...double sugar sticks...

We missed you, Daddy!
Get better soon!

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