Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to McCastros, can I take your order?

Emma made a drive thru restraunt yesterday for Evan to order from.
It. Was. Adorable.
He had to order from the small window on the back of the cabin...
 ...and pick up the food from the side window.
 Would you like sauce with those nuggets

 You had the choice of eating in your car, or sitting at table #1 or #2.
 Umm, excuse me? This order is all wrong! Fix it!
 Forget it, I'll fix it myself.
 Crazy customer on the loose!
 And another!!
 They played on until dark.
After a bath, they headed off to bed.
(Well, one of them did)

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  1. Very cute! My girls used to do the same type of thing.


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