Monday, July 18, 2011

The week begins!

Today is day one of five that we'll be down here in the city for chemo (round 2! Ding ding ding!). It is also the very first day that the new Oklahoma Cancer Center has been opened. How do ya like that?? It's really nice.
The waiting room has a little zen sand thingie that I immediately played with (and spilled sand out of the box - fail). i was feeling rather un-zened after trying feverishly to blow all the sand off the table before the tours and news crews go to our area.
 They also had a water cooler like the one I put out for the kids in the yard.
 A little library of books - John found  couple he was intrested in.
 ...and they have games and such for the waiting peoples.
 Infusion is on the third floor, but we can see all the way down. The coutryard is a lot bigger than the last one, and the fountains are HUGE!
 The best part? We get our own cubicle for treatments now! A nice recliner and a persoanl TV. PLUS, I actually have a chair with cushion and a side table! Hooray!
 Watching the replays of the World Cup.
Congrats Japan! A much needed joyous event after the hardships you have seen lately!

 This week is "Make Someone Smile Week", and Teleflora has send a flower arrangement to each infusion patient - isn't that the bees knees?
They had beautiful flower arrangements, but I chose the potted plant - my favorite kind - and they will live longer :)
 Thank you, Teleflora!! You definately made a couple smiles here!
Before we can start the chemo drugs, they have to test his levels in the blood, and they were doing extra tests this week because of the infection earlier this month.
Would you like anything from the cart, dearie? Blood cocktail?
 It's like Tabasco sauce for vampires!
We are waiting on these tests to come back before we can start the chemo drugs, but he's gotten an accidental infusion of benadryl (nurse said it was in the wrong spot), a dose of the right drug, and now another drug for nausea.
Let the games begin!

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  1. Wow, nice digs! I hope the time goes quickly and you guys can get on the other side of all this.

    About the world cup, if we had to lose, I am glad we lost to Japan.

  2. well hello fellow transplanted Californian! Hope you are settling in well. I'll be praying for your husband.


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