Monday, July 11, 2011

On Perils and Pearls

 Today, I saw a sweet elderly lady at Chick-fil-a wearing her pearls and balancing her tray of nuggets over the heads of granchildren screaming for food in a very similar way that the baby birds out front did - mouthes open and everything!
I shovelled a bite or two of chicken into the mouthes of my own chicks and they scurried off to the play structure, leaving me alone in my thoughts.
I loved that necklace. I always coveted a necklace of pearls. On my wedding day, I borrowed my mom's pearls, and it seemed as though I hadn't been dressed properly without them. Ah, they were so innocent and smooth, and made even my long goose neck look grown up and proper.
I wonder where she got them? A romantic gesture from her husband before he went off to war? A gift from her love on the day their youngest child married?
Perhaps it was just a sale on imitation pearls at JCPennys one weekend in the fall, but oh, how pretty they were!

Did you know that pearls, in fact, are not made from a grain of sand? I hear this often, but, being the germophobe I am, the fact that pearls are actually made from parasites and such stuck in my mind. A pearl is actually made when a parasite or other organism invades the poor creature, whose immune system then captures it and closes it into a membrane that eventually becomes a beautiful pearl.

So why, I wonder, do I covet the pearls, knowing that when i see them, I picture little 6-8 legged bugs with fangs and 204 eyes all squished up and petrified inside these beauiful balls? Like little "squinkies".

And then i realized.

Do you remember the anti smoking commercial that featured bubbles coming out of the cigarettes instead of smoke?
Golly, i loved that commercial.
I have a knack for living in a perfect world. Where all things ugly can be made into beauty.
Smoke into bubbles
Germs into pearls
Cow poo into beautiful flowers

It's just the way I am.

And then I had this thought, and immediately relayed it to God, just in case he wanted to make some changes for His next batch of humans.

And it went something like this:

Dear God,
Can WE make pearls? Can every. freaking. cancer cell in my hubby's body be enveloped softly and carefully into a membrane and slowly cuddled close into a beautiful pearl? Can all our miscarried babies and lost appendixes be hugged tightly into a little ball of strength and beauty, and remain inside us in beautiful balls of perfect spheres?
And oh, the day, when we finally leave these tired bodies and our souls stretch and yawn and head back home, the pearls of our lives will be there, like a gift, for our loved ones, while we are apart, to hold, and bead, and love.

I love my oyster so much, and I hate the parasitic cancer that threatens his body.
I do not ask why, I know there is a reason.
But, just know that you'll have a LOT of answering to do when i get there, Mister!!

Love, heidi

and then my chicks were there, chirping for more waffle fries dipped in BBQ sauce and the lady with the pearls was gone, and I was back on Earth again...

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  1. That was lovely, Heidi. I have to tell you that I hold back a lot on commenting here b/c your John updates hit so close to home for me (I lost my mom to the evil c word), but please know that I am praying fervently for your family!! And have you heard the song Blessings by Laura Story? (omgosh, I cry every. single. time I hear it) It makes me think a lot about the people in my life who have had to go thru really awful times and helps me to remember that maybe, just maybe, He knows a little bit more than we realize. Praying for pearls for you and yours!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that about your mom, Kristy! I had no idea :(
    Yes, I have that song, it is one of my favorites. I actually had a blog started on something that was inspired from Laura, but I never published it, because its subject is a reader of mine. Still, I may do it IS my blog, after all... ;)
    Thank you for your thoughts & prayers...


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