Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother & Son Date Night!

Yes, folks, it's finally here! An official Mommy&Evan date night! Em and Daddy get several date nights put on by various places (and not), but after a little (or a lotta) persuasion, Chick-fil-a decided to host us mommas a date night, too!
Woo hoo!
So we got dressed and headed out!
We got an exquisite table for two in the balloon section, no less!
How romantic! ;)
Evan got a cute OSU Cowboys cow and a baseball (plus a couple Chik-fil-a shoelaces) from the restaurant...
 They also had cute "conversation starters" placemats for us. SO cute! I loved this idea when they did it for Daddy & Daughter date night, so I had my fingers crossed!

 ...and I got a rose from the most handsome little date in the world!
 To top off the meal that we barely ate (I mean, really, there IS a playground there. WHY would we want to waste our date EATING?!? Psh...), we split a strawberry shake.
 A. Dora. Bole.
 Our neighbor, the balloon clown (remember him from the July 4 parade?) made Ev a green sword and a red "Dobby" dog.
It was my idea of a perfect date, if that date happens to be 2, almost 3.
And we had so much fun, him playing and me watching.
And the valet was a nice guy, and the red carpet was, well, a runway for the Evster, but also cute, and they took pictures that we'll get soon, and I can't wait to see.

I had a wonderful time, Evan.
Thank you for the date, and the flower, and the top half of the milkshake.
I love you.

Love, Mommy

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