Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making lemonade

I won't lie to ya. Watching our annual fireworks display toniht without hubby is going to kill me. It's already killing me just thinking of it. Waaaaah! I don't feel like hanging out with friends or even actually going without my bff, but I am. I'm chuggin' along with my dad and bros and making tonight special for the kiddos because there's a burn ban and this is all the fireworkin we're gonna get this year. We'll have fun, I know. But I'm gonna miss the way that his silouette flashes when the fireworks burst, and his warm hand holding mine as we watch the kids squeal with delight with each passing boom. It hurts me to think he'll be sitting up in his room, alone, looking out a window that faces the opposite direction so he can't even see them from his bed. He really doesn't care. It's not his nature to worry about missing something as small as fireworks, it's mine. He'll be fine (and probably watching the fights from last night), and I know that, so I'm making lemonade out of these lemons. I mean, there's GOT to be positives about this stupid hospital stay, right?
:) He's gonna get better
:( He's gonna miss foreworks
:) He got to see the parade!
:( I miss him.
:) I get the covers....all night!
:( But i can't sleep without him here anyway
:) Less laundry
:( More gas (the driving kind)
:) He's gonna get better

Eh, well, if you begin and end on a good note, you're doing pretty good, right? :)

So I'm busy cleaning my not-been-cleaned-for-days kitchen and doing laundry (we need those flag tees again tonight!) and I'm hoping e2 sleeps well. He was complaining about feeling cold today, and he felt warm, but no fever. Great. I'm hoping a good nap will heal all ailments and we'll all have fun tonight!

I hear some counties aren't even having city fireworks due to the burn ban! (gasp!) Here's hoping you all get a little sparkle for the 4th!

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  1. I missed your newest excitement b/c we were out of town! I hope John is on the mend and HOME asap (like, today). Praying for you guys!


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