Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a random note...

it rained here monday.
Like, poured, rained.
It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was bliss (until we realized we were locked out!)
{Thank goodness for a wonderfully huge porch!}
 ...meanwhile, pug slept.
 yesterday we got news that hubs wouldn't be home any sooner than wednesday afternoon. they are still growing cultures and filling him with antibotics. so, we made the drive down to the hospital to relief the troops with fresh supplies - unders (of the top and bottom), books, and movies, plus a couple hugs and kisses from the einsteins.
I always know im on the right track when i pass this old bindery building. something about it makes me smile, and it's not the hobos wandering around it...
 the ou hospital has a really pretty courtyard with a really pretty fountain. too bad it wasn't working. it was so hot, i could have jumped in!
 after a short visit with daddy, the kids got to go to build-a-bear to pick up ev's free birthday tee (and we truly got out of there without spending a PENNY! Can you believe it?!)
We stopped by the germ factory kiddie rides on the way out.

 When the grumblies hit the tumblies, we picked up some chik-fil-a and headed back to the hospital to eat with hubby.
i got a happy fry.
...and em ate it.
{happily, of course}

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