Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Potters!

In case you didn't notice, I am a HUGE Potterhead. Like, HUGE.
And although I attend every midnight book release party and opening day movie madness, I never have been one to dress the part, so since she was small, Emma has been my mini wizard, and looks absolutely ADORABLE. My mom (who is an EXCELLENT seamstress), designed this costume especially for movie #5, using sneak peek stills to make sure it was the same as the new costumes for that movie. My dad, who does woodworking made a replica of Hermoine's wand as well. Then, the robe was down to her ankles (see the photos HERE). Now, it's barely reaching her knees. It just makes me smile to see that she has grown so much, just as Harry, Hermione, & Ron have. I mean seriously, go look at those pictures - SO cute. She even WON a costume contest at the last book release party! So proud!
This past week, the days ended promptly after dinner, at which time we watched our Potter movies one by one, until we were left last night with anxiety for the morning, when we could see the last silverscreen potter saga.
Alas, here we are at the last movie premier, and this will, sadly, be the last movie premiere for the costume as well.
We didn't see it in IMAX this time, just 3D, but we were SO excited with our Potter 3D glasses!!
(Em & I totally wore them all the way home)
Potter fanatics. Psh.
I know.

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