Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy July!

 In preparation for the July 4 weekend, I decided to make some yummies for hubby (and us!) to enjoy at the hospital (and not!). These turned out SO delicious, I'm thinking of hiding them all in my closet, and eating them all up in secret!
 Okay, okay, I shared a few.
 The kids helped me decorate the house yesterday for the big parade this morning. They did a good job telling me where the middle was, huh?
 Yesterday evening, a few of our neighbors ame over for a pre-parade party. We decorated our bikes, wagon, and motorcycle, ate some otterpops, and enjoyed the cool air that the tunderstorm blew in.

 This morning the parade was ready to roll for the 9am start time.
(Can you believe I took this on this summer, of all summers?!? I seriously think I've gone off the deep end!)
This guy led the parade in his clown mobile!
 There were a few families that escaped the photo, but for a 1st year parade, it was a great turnout, and it was WONDERFUL fun!
 We had some neighbors that waved from their yards and driveways as we passed by, and even more that donated water, sodas, popscicles, and cupcakes for the parade goers.
The very BEST part?
 Hubby got a 4 hour pass that let him come to watch the maiden voyage of our big neighborhood parade! The kids and I were SOOOOO thankful to have him there!

Our neighbor, Wayne brought poppers out for the kids. He helped Evan with his.
 And then it was time to take their daddy back to the hopitol.
 They have moved him to a room with an actual working air conditioning system, so it was nice and cool and relaxing. A talk with the doctor led to a new penicillan based antibiotic and a plan for what to do next if the fevers don't stop. Made me feel a bit better that we have a plan of attack other than Motrin now. :/
By the time we left, it was time for lunch, and it was already on its way to a normal summer day here in Oklahoma...
Happy July, everyone!
Have a safe, sparkly weekend!
(I wonder if the nurses would take kindly to being chased down the halls by roman candle-laden children....)

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