Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enrollment Day

Did you catch my blog post the other day when I told you that the einsteins carried pottery barn lunchbags?
If so, you may just have tossed it aside as one of my many misspellings or whatnot, but the truth is, baby Evan will be going to preschool part time this fall.

I know.

Did you just have a minor heart attack? Don't worry, it passes. It comes BACK, but it passes. The baby in our family will head off to school this year. Just repeat it over and over until your mind accepts it. (Or at least, that's what I've heard. I haven't been successful yet, but...)

We went today to enroll and met his teacher, Ms. Diane, who we already love. They seem to practice developmentally appropraite behaviors and as far as I can tell, are going to make this year wonderful for Evan.
My baby.
All grown up.

He had a blast while we were there, and I know he'll love it. He's been waiting for his turn to go to big kid school like sis, and it's come. There are so many, many things I can teach him at home, but sitting quietly in a circle time with 20 kids or waiting his turn in line, or listening to the teacher, I cannot do well, and this is where it can be done, free from mom, free from comfortable, familiar settings, and free from the kingdom of Evan, where toys all belong to him. It's going to be wonderous for him, and he'll be ready for school the next fall, and I won't be worried.

But, oh gosh! He's my BABY!!

So he got a hand-me-down (barely used) backpack and lunchbag from sis (she decided blue wasn'r her favorite color anymore), plus a new backpack he HAD to have from Hastings (Domo!) and he's set. It made me realize that this year, I'll be doubling my back-to-school shopping. *Gulp

I was watching the Staples ads (don't you LOVE their back to school sales?!?) for the colored notecards that I use for school lunch notes, but they haven't come yet. White ones, yes, but no colored. Then, I saw online that a mom had made a lunch note form for her kids to fill out and thought that was a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?!?

So I drew up this lunch survey for Em to have in her lunch everyday. Not only will it tell me what she liked & didn't like, but also who she's sitting by - things I always ask, but don't always get an answer either because she can't remember or because she's headed out to soccer or swim or dance or to stand on her head.
Would you like to print some off for your own? Just click on the image and print away! (I made them on a standard 8.5 x 11). If they don't print right, I'll be glad to email you a copy! Just write "Lunch Notes" in the subject line and send it to me at heidiecastro at gmail dot com!

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  1. What a cute idea! I might just have to steal it! Is Evan going to FUMC ECC? Addie will be there Tues/Thurs. We love it there! All my kids have gone thru and I'm on the ECC board. We can console each other in the parking lot on the first day and then go drown our nomorebaby sorrows in donuts or something. :)


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