Friday, July 8, 2011

Castros & Cuts

Its Friday morning and Im not sure that I would have realized it, other than I had to put the trash out last night just to, you know, be in the club. I mean, really, you can't let there be a laspse of giant blue trash receptacles along the streets, now, can you?

As usual, I crawled out of bed, injected my poor hubby's belly with half his daily ration of blood thinner, kissed him goodbye and started out to water the gardens.

Oh wait.

See that comma up there? The one following "Thinner" and preceeding "kissed"? I forgot to tell you what happened in that comma.

Hubby took his shower today, per usual, but when he reappeared, he didn't quite look the same. He had patches of fresh, white, scalp showing through his once uber-full head of beautiful black hair. It has been falling out since Monday. The nurse told us it would happen this week. He hadn't had a meal without a topping of hubbyhairs in days, but yet, there it was, and I almost fainted.

I shrugged it off, told him, it was okay, he was still my handsome prince, hair or not, and wandered off to pull some shorts on and give him a quick goodbye kiss.

But after he left....


I knew it would happen. I was expecting it. I was going to turn around and watch until that evil little hair-faller-outter tried to sneak up behind me, and I'd catch him, and laugh and say "For once, heidi has NOT been freaked out!! WINNING!". Unfortunately, while I waited in the brush with camo on and a frying pan raised over my head, stupid hair-faller-outter crept up behind me and smacked me over the head with a 2 ton truck.
And it hurt.

So now, as I see the big pile of my hubby's locks on the floor of the shower, i can't help but cry. Why did they DO this to him?? How rude! The thought that something can come and try to attack MY hubby is just ABSURD! I feel sad for him, and I hope he never for a second thinks that he looks any less handsome to me. Any less manly, any less intelligent and funny, and my whole world. Because he doesn't.

Today his hair will be shaved off, and we'll have a fun new toy to rub and feel, an added bottle of sunlock on the shopping list (and shampoo deleted), and perhaps a new OSU hat or two. A canvas for lipstick kisses, a never bad hair day, and an inspiration for us all to see.

SO, this morning, the kids and I talked about it, and they decided that they wanted haircuts as well. Erm. Okay, let's just not go quite as short as daddy's.

After a trip to the tire shop to patch a screwed tire (literally), we headed to Evan's fav hair shop and they both got new 'dos.

(Don't ask me about the last pictures. they get candy, and the smiles go out the window)
So for now, half of our family has been freshly groomed, whilst the other two are going extremely groomed, and not all all (boring, I know).
BUT I am still a little scarred from the haircut debocle of 2010, so i think I'll just keep growing until I feel all safe and hairy headed ;) Lesson learned: I do NOT look good with short hair!

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  1. Maybe John Sr. will send one of his head scarfs, the ones worn while riding the Harley, for II. They are handsome in a pirate-y, macho kind of way. I was also one of many who thought Telly Savalas was very handsome. :)


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