Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boomer Lake Blast

The annual "Boomer Blast" was the night before the 4th this year, and it's just tradition that we go, sweat, and ohh and ahh at the fireworks.
This year was a little bit different, though. First of all, this was the first time hubby wouldn't join us (in person, anyway), and second of all, a cool breeze blew in right as we arrived at the lake. It was a VERY welcomed cool front that brought rain to places around us, but just a break from the sweltering heat for us.
We went early to make sure we got the primo spot (which we did), and ate a picnic lunch. The lake was beautiful.
 My sweetie pie.
 It's a rare thing that you'll catch Ev without a "baby orange" in his hand or mouth. He loves them, which is fine with me! Real fruit trumps fake fruit snacks any day!
 Uncle Kurt was describing all the bells and whistles on his watch for Ev. He was also our official countdown to the fireworks show.
 You know, I had put a lot of planning and thought into what to bring for the kids to do while we waited in the heat. Water bottles, bubbles, fans, frozen water, balls and bats, frisbees...
But in the end, it was so nice out, they were pretty content just to spray bubbles until they popped (and spray papa until he was pooped!)
 We kept in touch with hubby via skype. He even got to the see the fireworks that way (though he prefered to watch the kids faces instead!)

 I had brought two flag glow sticks - a red one for Em and blue for Ev. Unfortunately, the blue one was a dud, but Em shared hers with him. So sweet.
It was a beautiful night, and *perfect* for a night of fireworks.
Hubby didn't even get a fever that night!
And you know what that meant!
He was coming home tomorrow!!

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