Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bento (Lunch) Boxes

I have found a bento box that does NOT leak liquidy stuff all over the other compartments (and believe it or not, I've tested, and reviewed, and researched since Em started school!).
In a quick trip to WalMart today to get Harley's birthday "cake", I ran by the tupperware isle and came across these:
 Now, I HAVE bought these sectioned ziplocks before, and the lid was a solid piece, so the compartments leaked and contaminated each other, but these (new and improved!!) sectioned plasticware looked like it might just seal.
 So I filled up one, and shook it like a polaroid pitcha, or, a kid running to and from school in a tornado, and...
No ranch dip on the PB&J!

So, these DO happen to be made in America, where we eat more than the usual bento box manufacturers, so they were quite a bit bigger. I tested them in the kids' lunch boxes, and they had just enough room for a caprisun, a napkin, and the lunch lovenote, plus a package of fruit snacks or other slim foods to fit on top. Plenty of space for the kids' lunches.
(The Einsteins carry  Pottery Barn Classic Lunch Bags.)

I'm now already in the test kitchen trying to find NEW meals they'll eat.
Especially now that I won't have to pack 4 different containers of things every day (times 2!).
I bought 4 of them, so I'll always have a clean one ready to go, even on my lazy dishwashing days, and at under $2.50, I just may pick up a couple more for hubsy-wubsy's lunches, too!
Got some cool EASY lunches that your kids actually EAT?
Shoot me a comment PLEASE!!!
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  1. Love it! My girls are too "old" now for cutie-bug lunches. I would have loved these a few years ago.

  2. Love this idea!! I'm working on buying only made in America too!! It is a challenge, but needed. Are you going to get the new Eskimo Joe's t-shirt today?

  3. Well, I *love* the cute Japanese bento boxes, but they don't seal all the compartments. They sure are cute, though!
    I won't be doinf much today, we're in the city all day :( Are you? Do you need me to send you one?? :D


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