Sunday, July 17, 2011

Art Show

Em's art camp has ended, and the arts center put on an art show for all the families, choosing a few pieces from each child to display.
Luckily, security didn't catch me taking photos of the rare and exquisite artifacts, or maybe there was no security and photos were allowed, but whatever.
This is the first piece of Emma's. She did the top left ear. She was lucky she drew an easy one!
 This was the "Monster Room". All the uber adorable monsters glowed in the black lights. Emma's wasn't here - it had come home at the end of camp, but i was in love with all the Ugly-Doll reminiscent monsters all aglow...
 Here's her zebra - it was so cute, dancing his jig.
 ...and my fav. The owl. Just look how adorable it is!
Whooooo? whoooooo?
YOU, silly owl!
 Afterwards, the instructors served ice cream and punch.
Nom nom nom!

I can't wait to go pick it all up later this month and snag that owl for my kitchen!
It'll coordinate just perfect

You did a great job, Emmers!
(As always)
Our little artist at work!

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