Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's growing in MY garden...

My two little seedlings are sprouting up for the summer!
 Yesterday, our old friend, "Blue", came to visit us for maaaaybe the 3rd time this season so far? I've lost track, but it seems like that's how many times I've been yelled at in panic stricken voices to "HURRY!!! GET THE CAT FOOD!!!". 
 Blue still has a little bit of his start from last summer on his shell.
 In case you don't remember Blue and Speedy, our other turtlishous freind, you can read about them HERE.
 Crunch, munch...
 Ew. Is that a spider web on his nose?!? I mean, I know everyone who dare enter this house are beknighted with dog fur, turtles included, so the hair on his mouth doesn't suprise me, but a spider web? Really? *shiver*.
Sometimes I think that shooting in macro is just not the best idea...
 Thanks for the grub! Gotta run!
 Oh! And forget you not about the malfly babies - who have now 3/4 hatched. I'm actually kinda wondering if baby 4 is actually going to hatch or not...hmmm...
FEED me, Seymore!!!
All creatures, big and small, are growing up all around me.
(including the weeds)
Summer is here, no doubt!
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