Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's wednesday. Yes, it is, and why do I feel like it's run-me-over-with-a-truck monday? I have no idea. Things are going well, and it was a good day, but I'm stuck on monday and I have no idea why.
Hubby is feeling realllllly fatigued lately. By five o'clock, he was flat out lethargic. Yes, the word that pediatricians will only let you return to see them with child if he or she happens to be experiencing it. In fact, had we been having soup for dinner, I downright may have been in fear of him falling asleep and drowning in it! Lucky for him, we had porkchops, rice, and sweet corn (or, "acorns" if you're Evan), and he gobbled it up & straightly went to bed.

The kids played outside with water while I rummaged around in our garage, putting ill-placed items away and trying to corral the garage sale items a little better. (Man, that pile is HUGE! I'm SO going to have an entire flea market for kids by the time I have the actual sale!). They smeared washed my car down and each other, and we ended our outdoor activities with popscicles.

The evening ended with pool cleaning, picking the swing off the ground from the OK winds, and bathing a couple einsteins, and now, here I sit, thinking, once again, that it is going to be tuesday tomorrow, which it isn't, and that the week has just begun, which it hasn't. Pecuuuuliar, isn't it? (read that in Julia Child's voice, please).

I've been going to bed early, and I think the same will happen tonight, even though it means missing texts and calls and friends saying that I missed a good night of wine coolers on the back porch, but I miss my hubby, and laying there watching him sleep is as good as it gets these nights, and that trumps all.

So, farewell, Monday, for the 2nd time this week! I'll see you again tomorrow, no doubt!

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