Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Balloon Fight : CHECK!

 In the end, we had wet feet and sweaty heads. I guess that's what happens when you just barely fill the balloons so you can barely tie them. They barely break. :)
 Don't you just *love* KEENs? My kids live in them all summer. This summer, I even snagged myself a pair!
Since we were all hot and barely drenched, we all hopped into the pool. And let me tell you something. We have a solar cover for our pool. It warms the water about 7 degrees higher than without, mainly because I am cold blooded, and cannot enter water under, oh, let's say, warm bath temperature. It's true. I'm a wuss.
And the cover works.
As we hopped in, we hopped right back out. I know now what a lobster feels like when you dunk it into the boiling pot of water. That pool was SO flippin HOT!
As I am one to take all-the-way hot showers, I hopped back in and "stirred" the water, bringing up the cooler water from the bottom so that the kids could get in without losing their skin.

 As Evan can "touch" this year, I was able to hop out and water my plants while the kids swam. This zinnia is the tallest one of the bunch, and the only pink :)
 ...and I'm sorry to say, this cute little guy's days are numbered here. He chewed through hubby's apple computer cord ($$$), and a couple lot of other things. I love him so, but I have to let him go.
Now I just need someone to drop him off at the Humane Society for me. I cannot look into those eyes and hand him over :(
But, seriously? Who WOULDN'T adopt a face like that?

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