Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wait a minute!

So today is the first day of June, and I am NOT done with May yet! Not at all. Time seems to fly by when you're going 200mph, yet feel like you're doing nothing but spacing off. I suppose I had better cap May off with a few tidbits of family documentation, before it passes me by completely!
The first pool swim of the year happened a couple weeks ago. I was in NO way setting foot (okay, well, I put my feet in, but THATS IT!) in that water. It was cold. It was REALLY cold. Like California ocean cold. Brrrrr.
But of course, as kids usually do, they hopped in like it was a bubble bath and enjoyed the day.

 My little guy was not so sure. He tends to be a bit more like his cold blooded momma, me thinks.
 But, my GOSH, isn't he ADORABLE in those jammers, all 4 sizes too big for him??
 This is about how far I got in.
 Sis tried to talk him into surfing.
Umm, well....Mommy's not getting in, so surf at your own risk, kid!
No lifeguard on duty!
 Attempt #1 : FAIL.
 Attempt #246: Success!
(Although it was a short one - at about 1.5 seconds when the water touched his chest...)
 Time for tennis instead!
 Em also had her end-of-year ceremony for Brownie Scouts. She got all her badges and such that they had earned during the year, along with cookies, cupcakes, and pink lemonade (yum!)
Thank you, Troop Leader Kristy!!
 The freshly sewn-up daddy got the comfy couch at the back of room, and his mini-me as well.
 Nom nom nom!

 Hey! I TOLD you there was a lotta yummies!
 Congrats, Em!
You had a great year! (and sold enough cookies to pay for camp! Hooray!!)
We are so proud of you!
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