Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Bible School 2011

This year, our neighbor's church hosted a "PandaMania" VBS program, and asked if the girls wanted to go. Well, of COURSE they did! Who would miss singing, dancing, crafts, bounce houses, and praise?! Not these girls!
 All week they worked and played hard with Ms. Nikki and the rest of the staff at First Baptist Church to learn new virtues and scripture.
 On Friday, we left the church to see a HUGE full 180 degree rainbow!
 Niecey, Alexis, and the einsteins :)
 Sunday evening brought the final show. Emma & Niecey wanted to look fabulous for their big event, and so it was.
 They also wanted to model their new dresses and hairdos.

 These two were raised together since Niecey was 4 months old, until we moved back here in 2007, when she was 3 years old.
 Except for one summer, Niecey's mom is kind enough to fly her out every year so that the girls can see each other.

 ...and they always pick up right where they left off.
 The girls were SO excited about their show, we were the first ones there, and Emma got to do a solo on stage.
She was absolutely, positively, BEAUTIFUL.

 All done!
 Would you like to see it?

(If the video did not play, view our blog on the web HERE)
She makes us so proud.
After all the guests had arrived, the show went on, and the kids all did a great job.

 They gave away a VBS tee shirt to the person who brought the most guests during the duration of the week.
Guess who won?
 Afterwards, we headed to the ice cream party room!!

 There were cupcakes there, too.

 Here she is in her PandaMania tee shirt!
It was a funny thing. Our church doesn't do VBS, but Emma enjoys it so much that we usually go to a church down the street. This year, it coincided with an art camp she's attending, so she was pretty bummed out about missing it. In fact, we couldn't find any VBS's that didn't coincide with girl scout camp or art camp.
So, Thank you, Jody, for inviting us!
The girls had SO much fun!
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