Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The {Travelling} Library of Congress

Last week, when I found out that a "mobile" Library of Congress was coming to our hometown, the Castro Academy began research projects on different items that call the Library of Congress "home".
Soooo, today, as soon as it opened it doors, we were ready to see the exhibit. (Well, some of us - others of us were there to see the big truck, and the big truck wheels...)
 Now, I have to tell you that you are NOT allowed to take photos inside the exhibit - a sign I apparently didn't read, and was scolded for a few minutes later. :(
BUT, I snapped a few of the items that Em had studied, and hopefully it's okay that I show them to you. ;)
Here is the Library's founder, Thomas Jefferson.
 Em checking out the Gutenberg Bible...
 ...and the Waldseemuller Map.
(This was a fun one to study)
 Em signed the comment book with something like "I studied these at home school and now I got to see them". It was really cool for her to identify things that we had studied ahead of time, and see the (kinda) real artifacts in front of you.
That was followed by the "excuse me, m'am, but there's not supposed to be any photo taking in this exhibit.." man, and another, smaller, man shouting "I have to go poo-poo in the pooooooootttty!", so we quickly made our way back down the stairs and left the Library of Congress.
(Pssh. Men.)
You can see the tour stops HERE. It's here today and tomorrow, and we surely appreciate it coming!

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  1. That looks really awesome! Where is it and what times? I may have to drag the girls out of the AC for this one.

  2. It's at the Stillwater public library from 10-6 today and tomorrow (Wednesday). Its a pretty small exhibit, but worth it, I thought. :)


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