Friday, June 24, 2011

Splash Pad : CHECK! this rate, we may be done with our summer checklist sooner than planned!
I loaded up the kids, grabbed some BK, and headed to a nearby little town to hit up the ol' watering hole splash pad. It's always hit and miss with this one - sometimes the daycare centers bring their entire busloads of children, running rampid OVER the little ones like E2, but this morning we lucked out, and it was pretty sparse.

 Em's friend, Bailey showed up soon after we arrived!
Watch out! These girls have water squirters, and they are NOT afraid to use them!
(No, really - they aren't. I should know...)

 E2 is a little wary of water on his face, so he found other things to do, like climb in and out of the railing, and play on the outskirts of the water area.
 This park has been collecting old buildings to make it a historical place to go see. Since last year, it added this old church...
 ...Frank Eaton's home (the original "Pistol Pete")...
 ...a log cabin, though its logs are actually sliced wood...
 ...a windmill? Weathervane? I can't remember what these things are properly called...
 ...and an old, (barely) red barn.
We'll be checking another thing off our list later this afternoon. Vrooooom! Vrooom!!
But, shhhhhhhhh! We musn't let Lightning McQueen's biggest fan know - or he won't nap!

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  1. Those old buildings are awesome! What town? If you don't mind me asking. I am planning a photo shoot of the daughters for hubs birthday and I am scoping out cool backgrounds.

  2. They are in Perkins, OK. They are working on making them nice a new-ish looking, so you'd better move fast! They are really cool. I was picturing Ev there in a pair of overalls and a fishing pole (there's a small pond nearby, too)!


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