Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Saturday Morning Post

Saturday morning the kids built a golf course.

 It's only three holes long, nd they're all the same, but, hey. Aren't you impressed? A golf course! All in a matter of minutes! ;)

After nap, we headed out to our favorite, Lake Carl Blackwell, for the evening.
 The girls made mud pies, mud cakes, mud cupcakes, and painted themselves with mud. A redneck mud soak, perhaps?

 My boys watched all the boats and other watercraft that were out in the water - and there were a LOT to see.
 "I see a white boat, Daddy!!"
 Ev was so proud that he had climbed this HUUUUUGE mountain-of-a-rock!
 Daddy cooked some nummy nummy burgers for dinner.
 And can you believe how cute these little mini milk jugs are? They were a dollar at Walmart, filled with pink or orange juice. (I prefer the orange flavor better, in case you wondered...)
Last year, we came out so many times to play here, that I'm pretty sure we lost out on money, so this year I went ahead and went for the annual pass. 10 more visits, and it's paid for, and summer has just begun! I think we'll make out just fine.
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