Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ready to READ!

Summer is officially here, and the kids are gearing up for the public library's reading program. (do I hear you whooping and hollaring?!?!)
We picked up their shirts this year in white, so they could color them this year. 

 Lookin' good, my friend!

We also picked up a few blank canvas bags at the local Dollar Tree, and colored those, too. They'll be their book bags for all the meeellons of books they'll be reading in the next few months. I'd post pictures, but I am unsure if I had already done so. (Hello? Brain? Is anyone awake up there?!?)
Either way, they're cute, they love them, and they make them proud when the LOLs (little old ladies) at the stores comment on how adooooooorable they are. (Oh yeah, that's right - how cool of a mom am I, that I know what "LOL" means?!? Oh...and I suppose next you'll tell me that WTF doesn't mean "why the face?"....)

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