Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On monsters...

As we drive around town, Evan and I usually play games together. We go over phonics, tell stories, sing songs, and more. Today, I decided to quiz him on all our full names. He usually gets them all, minus a few middle name blunders, but today, it went something like this:
 My name is Heidi Castro. What's your name?
     Evan Castro!
And what's your daddy's name?
John what?
     John Monster!
John MONSTER?!? Wow! He sounds ferocious! What does he say?
Oh my! And what is your mommy's name?
     Mommy Monster (as a matter of factually)
Wow! And what does she say?
     RRRRRAAAAWWWWLLLL (in a little bit higher voice)
And what is your sister's name?
Emma? Not Emma Monster?
     No. Jus Emma.
     Mommy! What does a horse say?
     What does a cow say?
     What does a monster say?
     No. That's a dinosaur.

{And then he was done playing with his confused little momma.}

Gotta love him.

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  1. Lol. That kid is just too much. We are so lucky to have our "miracle" baby. :)


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