Monday, June 6, 2011

Men at work

Memorial Day weekend, the day of pool openings, had come and gone, and although we did open friends' pools, we haven't quite gotten our little backyard pool out just yet. The reason? Our yard is the *perfect* yard for a slip and slide. That being said, the constant slope is not that great for a pool (as we found out last year after the "deep end" feet went down into the yard about 4 inches...)
SO, this year, my plan was to level out an area for the pool to live. Grandad helped us make the plans and pick up supplies, and the groundbreaking commenced.
 Corner posts were marked and dug.
 ...and poles were put in place by the most handsome almost-three-year-old EVER...
 Poor hubby, who is still under strict "no-lifting over 10 pounds" laws, could only cut and drill, and watch the rest of us lug the lumber around, levelling and sweating and cutting and digging and sweating. Oh, and did I mention, sweating?
 Water break!
 Dobby watched intently. Harley was, for the most part, content inside the cool house.
 The frame looked great!
 Some side stabilizers were screwed in and the ground was levelled inside.
I went ahead and placed the tarp and pool inside and filled 'er up. My plan was to put a few inches of sand inside, but I think we'll wait until next year for that. We installed level boards for the pool feet to sit on, so the sand wasn't a necessity, per se, this year. But it will be pretty cool to have a 12 foot sandbox this fall. I mean, after all, you can never have too many dumptrucks!
Thank you, Grandad, for helping us with this BIG project! The kids have been really enjoying it!

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  1. Okay! When are we coming over to swim? I keep trying to convince Josh to get one of these pools but he won't go for it. :( So instead we spend $25 at Target every year for a little kiddie pool that barely lasts the summer. Boo!


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