Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just another Wednesday... just another gift from above.

It always hubles me on mornings like this. I can sit there in my folding chair, watching my little babies playing, discovering, imagining, and believing, and count how many things had to go right to get to this point.

To this Wednesday.

It's SO easy to think of everything that is going wrong - and believe you me, it gets easier for me, personally, every day. But to sit here in the cool morning, listening to nothing but wind in the trees, birds singing their morning songs, Littlest Pet Shop animals going to the salon to get a tail dyed pink, and soft little "choo choooooooo"s coming from tiny little mouths, humbles me every time.

It made me think. From the very moment of conception, millions upon millions of cells had to divide just right to bring these children safely and healthy into this world. Blood was cleaned, food was digested, air was circulated. And after all that, there was hours upon hours of car rides, amusement park rides, even illnesses that could have ended differently, but they didn't.

They went right.

Em has been alive for over 4,320,000 minutes. Ev for about 1,555,200. Not every one of those minutes went right, but they were a heck of a majority.
I just have to remember that when something goes wrong, a new minute starts 59 seconds later, and it just might bring with it an army of rights.

Kids may not come with an instruction manual typed up pretty and bound in soft leather, but if you look deep, they bring you alllllll kinds of knowledge from deep within, where it was placed in our souls before we were even us.

Amazing, isn't it?
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  1. What a wonderful post, reminder...

    My girls are growing up, but those days spent in the yard, on a porch, watching over my babies as they played seems like yesterday. I wish I'd had a blog back them. How fortunate you are to have all this frozen in time to look back on. =)


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