Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here's Your Sign...

Hubby starts chemotherapy treatments Monday morning. This will go on for months. He will have four cycles, 2 each of CAV and IE, which are experimental cocktails, if you will, of meds. There is really no data on these, so as for the effects, we don't know.
Each cycle will run 21 days, and there are 4. Cycles 1 &3 will be Mondays, and cycles 2&4 will be Monday-Friday. (Ugh). Each session will last anywhere from 3 -5 hours. Unfortunately, we'll be commuting to Oklahoma City (OU Cancer Center) to get them, which means a whole lotta driving (darn it, new I shoulda gone for that Prius!), but a whole lotta bonding time with hubby.

It's important that we keep our home as safe as it can be, and although close friends would never be suprised if I shoved them into a decompression chamber and sterilized them from head to toe (picture the poor monster in Monsters, Inc. that got the sock stuck to his back), those stopping by with offers of kindness or meals may be a little put off. (Trust me, I know. I remember the horrified looks of people wanting to touch baby einsteins, only to be told to "Please, use some of this first". Didn't go well.)
So, I went on a search for door signs to explain that I simply didn't want people with illnesses in the house, and others to simply, sanitize their hands upon entering. No big deal, right?
All I found were cheesy, tacky signs, at that, just a few. I could design my own, but I had a better idea.
My favorite illustrator/designer, Tricia-rennea, over at Trillustrations, has always made beautiful, wonderful things that I have long admired (and aquired!). I decided that, perhaps, if I asked reallllly nice and batted my email eyes, she just might be willing to design a door sign for us, and any other chemotherapy families out there.
And guess what?
She was more than happy to! Even had it sent to me within 30 minutes. I love her, and I know you will, too.

I printed a few off, and placed them on the door and in the entry, right next to my jumbo sized Germ-X, along with the garage entry door. (After all, the little hands are probably the worst!)
She even made them for a generic "shoes off" and "use sanitizer" home (which under normal circumstances, we are), so there's something for everyone - and you don't have to offend people by spraying them down with Lysol and saying "no offense..." LOL.
Thank you, Tricia!!

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  1. Wait?!? Does that mean I'm getting sprayed down with Lysol too?!? lol I love you, thanks for taking care of me.

  2. I spray you with bleach while you sleep. No wonder your tan is looking a little splotchy...haha!


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