Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guess who I saw today?

After a long, drawn out day of finding a way to take an injection home with us for today's injection (as opposed to driving back to OU again today), I was successful in talking the insurance company (via a pharmacy) that although it is a seven thousand (gulp) dollar shot, it would definately be used in the correct manner and administered just as well here as it would an hour away. The infusion nurse was kind enough to track down a styrofoam cooler (that meds were delivered in) that we could take home with us so it would stay cold (even though it was so large, it looked like we were transporting an arm transplant!), and it made it home safely.

Unfortunately, the shot needs to be administered as close to 24 hours as possible, and our planned home nurse would be out of town until late tonight, so our neighbor was kind enough to agree to administer it, even though she wasn't all that comfortable with it, being she's more of an animal nurse. I was so thankful, regardless.

So this morning, I dropped Em off at art camp and met up with a friend for coffee at our normal coffee house, which we haven't done since school ended in May. It was nice to just get back to a "normal" activity (as sad as that is). I usually see at least a few people I know, and have a mini convo here and there before they move on to their own tables, but today, a lady approached us that seemed familiar, yet I couldn't quite place her. She asked me if I had remembered her, and it ended up that she was hubby's discharge nurse from the hospital Friday (remember, the one that told us our pediatrician had an x-ray machine in her office?). She just asked how Evan's arm was doing, and I told her everything that went on. I knew she couldn't ask about John, due to the HEPA laws or whatever, so I updated her on that, whether or not she wanted to know, but you just never can tell. If I were a nurse, I'd always want to hear the ending of a story you only get to see the middle of. She then wished us luck and headed off to her table.

After about an hour of good conversation and catching up on the summer so far, my friend and I left, and Ev and I walked to our van, only to find a lady between our car and hers, injecting another lady in the arm. Whoa. Huh? Yeah, it was a little startling, but when I realized it was a familiar nurse administering a diabetes shot or something like that, it wasn't too weird. They apologized, and I assured them it wasn't a bit bizarre, having been joking only hours ago about meeting our vet tech neighbor somewhere (a parking lot, perhaps?) to administer hubby's shot, she immediately offered to do it for us. She lived close, and she could be at our house within minutes. I was totally at a loss for words. She was so willing to help that I was a little floored. This lady hardly knows us, and yet, here she is, checking on our little boy and offering to inject white blood cell boosters into hubby, all on a Tuesday morning - her day off, no less. I asked a million times if she was sure, and her friend and her both assured me that she was more than happy to. I tearfully took her number and told her I would call her a little beforehand. My cell phone number is still a Cali number, so I warned her of it (usually people don't answer), and it turns out that not only was her friend from the CA bay area, but so was she! We were just a few cali gals hanging out in the coffee shop parking lot in a small city in Oklahoma. Can you believe it?

As I drove home, I was in a daze, just kinda shaking my head and wiping tears away. I went into this knowing that God will provide, and I saw it with my own eyes today, in the form of a nurse at the right prking spot, at the right minute, and with a heart in the right place.

 I saw God today.
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  1. Wow, great story. You were definitely set up by "someone". ;)

    I truly understand the whole shot ordeal. My monthly infection is a bout 7k too and I cannot do it. Fortunately, I have a friend and neighbor who willingly agreed to shot me every week.

  2. What an awesome story Heidi--you truly had one of those moments when you know God is truly there watching you and putting those people there for you to encounter. Best to you and Jon and I hope the shots are tolerated well!

  3. Yes you did!!! This is so awesome!


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