Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flight Risk

The Malfly chicks are getting bigger, and are barely fitting inside their little nest now. I haven't been keeping track of the days (2nd child syndrome), so I'm not sure when the expected fledge date is, but I'll bet it's pretty soon.

 Meanwhile, in the back yard, our blue jay family of 7 had an exciting day. When I went out to water the plants, I found this little chick under my wind-capsized swing.
 Turns out, she was the second of the baby blue jays to make the plunge down from the large maple out back. I actually don't think that they were supposed to fly yet, since they were barely capable of even hopping at this point, but hey, when you're that big and your nest is that small, and you have 4 siblings, sometimes you just fall out. (And I have personal experience with this one!)
Here are babies 3-5 in their nest. It appears that #3 is already out, and balancing on the nearby branch.
Psh. Daredevil.
Daredevil eventually met gravity. He decided to plop down while Emma watched from the swing. His pathetic little wing flapping all the way down was causing quite a laughter attack, and he eventually made it to meet up with his older sibs.

  Mom & Dad Blue jay watched very intently the whole time, squawking and guiding them all where to go, and protecting them from other birds and such that were also watching the event unfold. this ferocious beast...
The three chicks were rounded up into a dead bush in the back corner of the yard, where they stayed ALL day.
It stormed last night and this morning, and I will have to go check on the little dears, and hope their little wings have taken flight!

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