Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Handprints

Oh, goodness! I realized that I still had these pictures in my "To Blog" folder, and neglected to share them with you! (Sorry, hubby!)
We began Father's Day in the traditional IHOP way.
It wasn't quite the normal Father's Day, because we had to head to the airport to send our little Niecey-Noodle back home, but we DID manage to get him some pretty sweet swag!
Every father's day, the kids and I make handprint garden stones for daddy. (See 2009's HERE and 2010's HERE.)
It starts out a bucket of dusty ash...
 ...add water and (arrrg! Eeeehhh!) stir...
 ...pour it into the molds...
 ...and handprint away!
 We bought the letter stamps last year to make it easier to fit the names and dates on the square (which would get really hard once the handprints got bigger!
 The kids fav part is squishing the gems into the cement. Evan concentrated more on gathering all the green ones...
 ...while Em tried to get as many as she could into the cement.
 Last step: Let dry!

We also got him an apple TV, so he can watch netflix and hulu on the TV, minus the PS3. Unfortunately, our bedroom TV is ancient and has no hook-up for it. (Booo! Hisssss!) Can you guess what is on his wish list now?
Happy Father's Day, Hubby.
Best. Dad. Ever.
We LOVE you!

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  1. Cute handprints! How smart to get the letter stamps.

    We love our AppleTV. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV, Hulu, and antenna, we have decided we will cut the dish soon.

  2. I would LOVE to cut dish, but hubby would pass out if we missed our OSU games! We've GOT to find a way...


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