Saturday, June 18, 2011

Days of Summer

June is almost over, and it seems like we haven't even "summered" yet! What happened to just sweltering in the hot sun and sprinkler for the entire afternoon? The pooling until you're raisin footed?!? I can't help but think that this medical journey of ours has me a little sidetracked, and I need a reminder that although there's going to be a lot of change this summer, there has got to be some consistancy as well, to keep us all sane :)
SO, Emma & I sat down and thought of some of the fun things that we do every summer, plus a few new things we'd like to do, and made a summer checklist to hang by our bulletin board.
 Now, I have to admit, we have done a few of them already this month, so at least we won't end up with a blank checklist at the end of the summer, right?
Last night to celebrate what we thought was niecey's last night (it wasn't - it's actually tonight!), we had a marshmallow roast in the back yard.
(and what a coincidence - that was the first thing Em thought of for our list!)
I picked up these HUGE marshmallows and 5 extending roasting sticks (for under a dollar each!!) and we were set.

 Poor Evan was having a harder time than everyone else with his limp little arm :(
 My marshmallow was *perfect*! I was taking a picture of it when that gooey warm fluffball of goodness fell to the ground.
I wept inside for quite awhile.
It was sad.

Happy Summer!

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  1. I saw those marshmallows at the store and my girls said I HAVE to buy them! Do they get melty all the way to the middle?

    I love your list. I think the girls and I need to make a list. They have been horribly lazy.

  2. I was a little skeptical about the melting of the jumbo mellos, too, but they gooified all the way through...and they were WONDERFUL!!

    BUT, they also slide off a bit easier than the smaller ones...


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