Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chemo: Cycle 1, Day 1

So, we leave home at 8am, Grandad has arrived to watch the einsteins, and em's ride to art camp is on her way. We are wayon schedule, and everything is going smoothly (minus trying to coach my dad on the ever-so-confusing satellite remote, over the phone, without reading glasses, when, I, myself am still not fully aware of its uses...). I'm a stickler for being on time, having a set time, and things running on time, so this is all good news.
We arrive at OU Health Center early, and get right on into the exam room. We are meeting with Dr. Pant's PA to go over any questions we had.
She's running behind.
We've lost our "ahead of schedule" time, but hey, it happens.
When she finally makes it in, we go over a few questions we had, and she sends us back to the infusion room to get hooked up to the machine.
And here comes the problem.
They didn't have us on the "infusion room" schedule. Nah, just forgot to add us on there. No problem, we can wait a few minutes until the next available nurse can help us out.
Uh, problem.
We are sent out of the room for "about an hour". Okay. Thanks. No problem. We have all the time in the world. (Sorry, Dad, hope your meeting goes well with a two year old office mate tagging along...)
We make our way down to the building's food source, Dave's Deli, for some lunch.
It looked good, but only after you removed it from the hideous wrapper it was scorned with!
(Thank goodness our orange power was there to cancel it out!)
 The deli has a small outdoor eating patio, and we decided to venture out, as opposed to sitting inside with the coughing woman on the couch and the handsy couple in the corner.
Dave's Deli makes a good turkey sandwhich, and I gobbled it UP.
We wandered back up to the waiting room for infusion until they finally called us back at 12:20, and here we are, sitting once again in the infusion chair, waiting for a spare nurse to hook us up.
Amanda just called to let me know that Em is home from art camp and had a lot of fun.
(and we haven't even gotten STARTED here!!)
There goes my up to the minute itinerary!
Hubby is hooked up to his pre-meds now. we got to go over side effects and symptoms from the 3 medicines he's taking today, and, as usual, it's overwhelming, even after hearing it for the 10 kajillionth time. His blood tests came back okay, but he is on the low side for the 3 markers they look at to determine if he is strong enough for chemo. Each time, they'll test these levels and if one is below the limit, we go home without chemo for another week.
So here we go, and I'll be updating you as we go.
3:30. Infusion complete.
Let's go home.
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