Monday, June 27, 2011

Catch Fireflies! : CHECK!

One thing about the warm summer nights and hubby retiring to bed early is that em and I get to stay up for awhile after we put ev to bed. Sometimes we read, sometimes we watch TV, and sometimes we sit outside and watch the sun set. On this evening, we walked the streets of our neighborhood, putting flyers on everyone's door for the neighborhood July4 parade we're hosting, and when we returned, there were several little fireflies roaming the gardens and trees in our yard.
We began to catch them, one by one, and within minutes had about a dozen collected into her "science observation tank". We laughed as one got out and flew onto my nose, another onto her skirt.

What a wonderful evening spent with just Em and I! Sometimes I feel like we're slowly drifting apart as she gets older. The snuggling has been replaced with a peck on the cheek or a quick hug, the little chats over playdoh into playdates with friends and American Girl Dolls.
I miss my little girl.
I miss the years we had together all day long when she was small and I held the key to her world in my hands.
But most of all, I miss times like these, that remind me why I love her so. How smart and beautiful she has become, and how wonderfully like her dad & I she is. When I dont have to remind her to do chores or use manners, when I'm not saying "no" or helping with times tables.

It's just my little em and me, and that's all.

Just the two of us.

I love you, emmie.

May there always be fireflies for us to catch, a sunset to watch, and quiet moments together...

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