Thursday, May 12, 2011

Op Update

UGH!!! I just HATE it that they make you sit in the "room of doom" until the doc comes to tell you how everything went! (It went well). My knees were bouncing so high by the time he showed up that I thought I was going to give myself two black eyes!
Anyway, Dr F says that surgery went very well, the lymph nodes appear normal, but we won't know for sure until the pathology comes back next week. (prayers!!!)
They are administering him some pain meds via an epidural type thingie ( I know, I should have gone into medicine with my vast knowledge of terms!), and that takes another 30 min or so. Give him another hour or two to wake up, and I'll get to go see him in his room, where (cross your fingers), we'll BOTH be staying tonight (otherwise, I'm off to the waiting room...again...with a pillow, my blanket, and my old bunny, looking like a cleaner version of the pigeon-doesnt taste-like-chicken man. ;)
Thank you for all your prayers, I know they were heard and filed away, and guided Dr. F's hands in faith and healing. Now, for a speedy recovery!
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