Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the Road...

Well, we made it in to Indianapolis last night safely (yay!). It was a long day of numb butt driving, but it was fun spending the day with Hubby. :)
After a departure time of 4am, our first stop (at 6am) was for a quick breakfast to get us on the road.
(Mmmmm...road food....)
 We crawled into Missouri (Or, "Misery", as the GPS called it) awhile later.
 The roads were pretty monotnous and boring for awhile, but when we hit St. Louis, all that changed. The skyline suddenly broke into a jungle of buildings, and we truly had reached a city.
We followed the signs to go see the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and parked to walk over to see it. From the parking garage, you could look over and see the Eads Bridge crossing the river.
 With all the flooding going on (except for back in Oklahoma, where we have drought), the riverbanks were flooded over!

 There was a helicopter that you could take an arial tour inside to see the arch from above.

The arch was breathtaking. It was SOOOOOO tall! I had never realized how huge it was!
 We decided that we should take the tour to the top (I mean, who knows how long you'll be able to actually DO that! I'm thankful my parents took us through the White House when they did, I don't think that's possible anymore. Boo.)
Anyway, here I am at the very highest point of the arch. I could feel us swaying a bit and it made me not so comfortable...or maybe it was because of all the badly showered folks crowded inside with us..
 The view from the top was literally breathtaking. You could look over the city as if you were a bird in flight.
You can see the Capitol building with its dome...
 The St. Louis Cardinals ballpark...
 ...and the span of the river, in all its glory.
 It made the cars look like little beetles, and people were hardly even visible!
 We actually rode up this leg of the arch, the south.
 The north leg was being worked on. (Gulp)
 Can  you see all the roof top swimming pools?
 Peeking out!
 The floor was arched, and it was pretty hard to walk without falling over.
 Our way up and down the arch was by these pod things. They were literally round pods on a chain - like a ferris wheel.
And they were SMALL.
 This is a non-functioning pod outside the actual arch.

 We walked along the riverbank, and looked at more flood victims, like this fire hydrant.
 Apparently, flooding isn't an uncommon thing around here. Here's the "water level over street" marker, along with (at the top), the record level.

 My handsome hubby!
 Downtown St. Louis had some GORGEOUS old architecture. The buildings were so old and carefully crafted.
Louis & Clark explored this river, but this monument seems to be calling for help instead of claiming victory...

 Cobblestone street!
 Doctor John's. You had to be 18 to enter.
Unfortunately, we were here to see a different doctor.
 The arch was peeking through this alleyway.

 A quick lunch and pre-registration via phone...
 Finally in Indiana!
 The road trip was getting a little boring by now...
 Indianapolis Colts Stadium!
 This is the medical campus that holds the Cancer Center and the hospital that we'll spend our next few days in.
 Around the corner, we found this park.
 Our first time at White Castle, and a quick dinner before settling in for the night...
We slept really well, considering how tired we were, and now we are up and doing computer business while we borrow wi-fi from the hospital whose parking lot we are sitting in right now. ;)
Today brings CT Scans, consultations, and Indianapolis in the daytime.
I miss you, my little Einsteins. You are constantly on our minds and on our lips as we see things that you would love to have seen with us. i am so happy you are enjoying your stay with GramE, and we'll see you soon!!

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  1. Heidi and John, Saying prayers for you now. Great seeing all your photos and reading your great writing Heidi! Been to all those places too. If you stayed on I-70 going into Indiana from Illinois, you went right by my hometown of Terre Haute. Indianapolis is a beautiful city too so I hope you get to see some of it. Check out the Childrens Museum if you can! Love, Ed & Veronica

  2. You left and the rain came!

    I hope all goes well. I really loved the saying on that plaque at the Cancer survivors park.

  3. You guys are so cool. You really know how to make the best out of everything. Great job! Always praying. I started to write "always partying".


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