Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's May!

Well, it's month 5 of 2011, and we're fearing well here at the Castro household, all things considered. ;)
My kids actually grew and gained this month, compared to the last - what is it- three?- months that they basically stayed the same?
Unfortuanately for me (and don't yell at me, ladies!) I have lost FIVE pounds in the last week and a half. Now, that's actually a lotta weight to be losing in 10 days. I still eat and I still drink my milk (yummers!), but I guess it's the stress that's eating away all my food. (And trust me, I've checked the infamous arm flab - it's still there). Boo.
I'm getting really nervous about this trip. It's less than a week away and I have done NOTHING. Normally, I would already have my itinerary typed, proofread, and typed again, plus footnotes as to what protocol to take should anything not go as perfectly planned, but I'm so behind. My instruction manuals for the kids and for the house, and the fur babies, and the scaley baby, and the planty babies, and the feathery babies, and the meals and the cleaning schedule and the checklists (oh! The checklists!) are in my mind, and yet, are nowhere to be seen, and it's all too overwhelming. LUCKILY, my mommy is coming to save the day, and she does not need all my manuals and diagrams of proper plant placements and precise times of day that the furry ones need to be fed and that the feathery ones need to be photographed to avoid head pecking. She's my mommy, and she knows me well, and she's always been the BEST at doing things in my unorthodox, OCD laden, scheduled way, and it doesn't bother her or make her feel like i don't believe that she can do it on her own, minus a 3 inch binder of checklists and medical release forms and directions to the closest firestation. She knows my craziness, and still loves me.
(Yay for moms!)
Hoooowwwwever, I'm still nervous that I won't be seeing my little rays of sunshine for a week, and I'll miss the class art show, and Super Kids Day!, and the daily sing-alongs with team Umi Zoomi and the potty trainee running around in undies, so so cute!
I'll miss the kisses goodnight, and the smell of her lunchbox when i pack it in the morning, the look of a wet baby wrapped in a warm towel, the laughter of swings going cockeyed in the strong winds, and the big hugs at naptime.
I'll miss my little einsteins, but they'll be fine,a nd they'll be happy, and that's the best thing for them.
As for me? Well, I am set on staying at the hospital for every waking (and sleeping) moment. That's itinerary #1. Hubs insists i have a secondary itinerary for when he kicks me out rather than let me (as he says) sit in the corner, rocking. Hmph. The nerve!
Okay, well, it's probably true, but...
So i have taken it upon myself to research things to see that I'd like to see that usually no one else but me likes to see, which means anything haunted, or "big-ball-o-string" ish. There's a few places, and I have them all in my protocol footnotes, though I doubt they'll be visited by me, they aren't all that exciting sounding anyway.
(Unlike the SH*T Fountain in Chicago! Whuuu? Now who wouldn't want to see THAT?!!?)
Anyhow, I had better get to my cleaning. It's going to take me over a month to catch up, and I have about 6 days. yeah. I think I'll just go outside and stare at the babies of a feather...
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  1. I was doing pretty good, but your description of everything we'll miss has pretty much made me despressed. Thanks. :(


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