Friday, May 13, 2011

City Skyline

It's bedtime now, and I am bunking down for the night, in hopes of some real sleep this time. Hubby is already sound asleep.
I cried only once today, and that was after hanging up with the einsteins. I miss them so. I suppose that meAns I'm making progress!
From atop the parking garage, you can see most of downtown, but only if you're tall enough to see over the big concrete walls, which I am not, but my phone is, as long as I stand on my tippie-toes.
Tonight, as I walked out, the city looked so bright and shiny, like colorful stars. Sometimes I miss living in the big city. But, most of the time, I surely do not.
So now I lay me down to sleep (and I am blogging from my phone again, so blame all the misspellings that-a-way, please), and I shall see you in the morning. Pin It

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