Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indianapolis Day 6: Goodbye!

Good news! This morning, hubs and I were officially discharged (honorably, of course) from Indiana University Hospital! Woot woot!
He worked really hard yesterday to get all his "checkpoints" met so that he was ready to go today.
He started solid foods and held them down, which is good - can you imagine throwing up with a big ol' staple track in your belly?!?
 This morning, he was cleared for a shower, and had we been able to get the water warm, he would have had a nice long one, but lukewarm was the only way we could get it to work, so it was a pretty fast one, but he felt better nonetheless, and got dressed.
 Toni showed up to wheel him down to the front.
 Goodbye, room 6671!
 ...and we were off on the road again...
Now, as a side note, I have to say that I am EXHAUSTED, so I won't be detailing much today, which is fine, because there isn't much to detail besides a very uncomfortable patient laying in the back, a true friend who flew up so I wouldn't be doing all the driving alone, and a tired wife that misses her kids and probably has a butt as flat as a board from all the sitting she's done the last few days.
We have just settled down in a hotel for the night, and I'm about to snuggle into bed with hubby for the first time since Monday!!

SO...hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I'll HOPEFULLY be writing you tomorrow night from the comfort of our home.
(OH! And I forgot to tell you - the Feathersby babies left home Wednesday, my mom said. She saw the last one fly away to meet Molly & Arthur nearby. (I wonder if they have a "potty dance" for the a "Flying dance" version, of course...)
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  1. Wow! I had no idea! Im so happy John made it out safe and sound (and you too Heidi!) Sometimes I wonder if being the person having to watch it all happen is better? or worse? But either way I know how it feels. We love you all very much! And are in our prayers!!!! I've donated to the fund! I hope it helps, even a little! Love you all!

  2. Heidi and John, I wanted to check in and make sure you made it home safe. From the pictures it looks as though John handled the trip like a real trooper! (way to show them how the senior citizens do it John) lol Being able to meet you both and be a small part of your long journey was such a blessing to me. You are both such strong amazing people! Heidi you are such an amazing woman, John is lucky to have you by his side!Stay strong. I will pray for your family as your journey continues, and if you ever make it back this way it would be a joy to see you both agaian.( Tell John the 167 mile bike ride is not until the end of July he still has time to train) lol Thanks for the wonderfully nice things you posted, patients like you guys make my job so worth it! God Bless "Nurse Rebecca"


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