Saturday, May 14, 2011

Indianapolis Day 5: The Unveiling

Good morning! Friday the 13th has come and gone, and despite the forever-long fireworks last night, nothing really out of the ordinary happened. (Although the TV had a lotta Haunting shows on, and I semi considered the waiting room chairs...)
Hubby got up and dressed this morning and had his walk around the floor by 6am. He's a trooper, right? I know. (Beams with pride)
About 10 minutes ago, the doctors came to do their rounds and removed the dressings off the cut. Now I KNOW it seems weird to say it, but they really do look good. Comapred to several photos we've seen on the internet, hubby's are far more beautiful. They are straight and clean, and a symbol of strength, will, and survival, and I love them.
Because I love him.
(And now I know why he always says he loves my stretch marks. I seriously thought he was insane, but now, I truly "get it". )
So here he is, bandaged up:
...and here he is, stapled back together again :)
Now, Evan,  I do NOT want to be writing a blog about Thomas and Friends trying to chugga chugga cho choooo up and down daddy's belly, okay? Okay.
More news for today:
~ Moving from clear liquids to solids (at a slow pace)
~ Catheter removed (Sorry, honey, you'll have to get up to pee now...)
~ IVs removed. Pain medicine will turn to pill form and IV fluid becomes your drinking responsibility.

It's gonna be a big day!
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