Friday, May 13, 2011

Indianapolis Day 4

Okay, so blogger decided to do some “maintenance” last night, and has yet to come back on (go figure), so not only did my update from last night not post, but it got erased :( Bad blogger! BAD!

So, I guess I can fill you in on the events of the evening & night, or, wait, is it still night? Where am I?... It was around 3:30 yesterday when I finally got to see hubby, but that’s about all I did, was see him. He was so heavily sedated that they put oxygen into his nose and kept him on a breathing monitor, should he forget to breathe, and laugh not, because when he finally talked the nurse into letting him take it out, his oxygen plummeted, causing alarms to sound and nurses running. Way to go, hubby. ;)

As soon as I got my stuff all settled in, I ran down to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. There wasn’t much left, so I grabbed the last turkey sandwich and scurried back upstairs. I gobbled it down like a starving person, and felt a little ashamed that poor pigeon man was out there, sandwich-less.

From that time on, I watched as hubby slid in and out of consciousness, usually only awake for a couple seconds at a time, and usually his eyes stayed closed, but once in awhile I caught a glimpse of one trying to open. Ahhh, my deep pools of Dr. pepper colored eyes were still there. Whew.

The nurses and doctors and students came in and out all evening, as well as the roommate’s team of medical people & family, too. Around 7, the floor began to get quiter. Roomie’s family left and the doctors went home. I was finishing up last minute updates to facebook and the blogger (Es tu, Blogger?!?!) when the night shift switched over and Nurse Rebecca took over. I have a lot of experience with nurses, not a ton, but enough to know which ones are good, and not, and which ones  I fall in love with and never want them to go home. In fact, I think it was after Emma was born, I vaguely remember trying to beg a nurse to stay in the hospital until I was released, a few days later. It didn’t happen, because apparently, nurses need to sleep, too. Scoff, scoff.  ANYWAY, Rebecca was a nurse I fell in love with right away, and I knew my hubby was in good hands throughout the night. Since I wasn’t allowed to stay in the hospital with him overnight (because he has a roommate), I was going to have to leave, and had it not been for her, I don’t think I would have. (Here we go again with hiding under the gurney!)

It was allowed for me to sleep in the visitors lounge down the hall, but it was fully lit and had visitors in it, reading and computering, so I figured that #1) I wouldn’t be getting sleep anyway, and #2) After the waiting room incident where I cleared section 9 of waiting folks, I couldn’t expose them to my tears with nowhere else to run to.  I wasn’t about to venture out into Indianapolis in the dark, alone, so I had the valet bring me my van (Please, James, be quick. I can’t have my arms catching chill!) <----- Read that in Julia Child’s voice. And I proceeded to drive it out of the half circle drive and right back into the garage. I didn’t look back to see the faces of those outside, wondering why the crazy, tear stained woman holding onto a can of Pringles had her car brought out of the garage, just to go back in. But there was method to my madness, you see. I needed the keys to my car, and valet won’t let you do that, so I drove in as a common non-valet parker, drove alllllllllll the way up to the top of the garage so that I could see hubby’s window, and slept bawled like a baby for the next hour or so until I passed out from exhaustion, which, before you ask, wasn’t because I was worried or nervous, or anxious, but because I was all alone, exhausted, and frustrated. That’s all. I’m a crier, you see, so it’s all good.

I woke up around 3am with my phone ringing. It was hubby’s ringtone and I was relieved. That means he’s up! He said that Rebecca told me I could come back up now, and so I ran as fast as I could while pulling up my jeans and putting deodorant on. When I got into the room, Rebecca told me that Hubs wasn’t doing so well. He was nauseated, had pulled out an IV, complained so much about the oxygen that she had given him the chance to breathe without it (remember how that turned out?), and was asking for me. As she pushed more meds into his IV tube, she looked at me reassuringly, and I told her “He’s being a pain in the butt – that means he’s getting back to the normal “sick” John. It’s good news for me, actually.” She chuckled, and assured me that most of the men coming in are so much worse with illness than women, her husband included.

Within the hour, he was calm enough to sleep, and I had rigged up a makeshift bed from 2 arm chairs and an ottoman and we both fell asleep for another hour or so. The doctors made their morning rounds around 7am and ordered hub’s pain medicine changed since he was having itching and nausea associated with the morphine. He’s supposed to get up 3 times today and walk a little. I’m sure he’ll be glad to get out of the bed, pain or not.

His incision is covered with dressings, so for now, all we get to see is a giant white bandaid. They trace around the seeping stain to see how much oozing it does, and his is pretty light, thankfully. (And how many times can you use seeping & oozing in one sentence?? Wow.) Tomorrow they will remove them, and he’ll get to “air dry” the staples.

He’s doing really well, all things considered. He’s putting up a good fight, and he’s staying positive, even though he’s itchy and sick of being stuck in bed. ;) The initial injected pain meds should wear off today, and he’ll start feeling more uncomfortable, but hopefully this new medicine will react better, and we can keep him comfortable.

I’ll post this as soon as blogger decides to jump back into the world, so until then, I’ll just be updating this old word document...
Update: Hubby got up out of bed and walked a couple times around the floor (yay!). The nurses were all really proud of him. They told us that there are NINE guys on this floor that had the same surgery, and one that has been here 3 days already STILL hasn't gotten up out of bed. Whew!

He is supposed to be walking a couple more times today, and it helps with the healing, so I'm happy that he's pulling through with flying colors.
I had cafeteria lunch today. Chicken, mashed potatos and mixed veggies - and I didn't even have to cook them! Hooray!! I also downed a box of hot tamales and some fanta. Yum. Guess my appetite is coming back!
I'll keep you updated!
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  1. Glad for the update, Heidi and glad John is doing better. Praying for you guys. Oh, and I have pics for you. I'll try to email them to you later today.

  2. What an ordeal for the two of you. I am glad you are sharing this story. I totally "got" the part about you bawling up on the top floor of the parking garage. Sounds like something I would do.

    Keeping you guys in thoughts.


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