Thursday, May 12, 2011

Indianapolis: Day 2

Morning #2. We have a CT Scan and consultation scheduled, so we headed up to the hospital. On the way there, we passed the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which we will DEFINATELY have to bring the einsteins to see one day. There are dinosaurs breaking out of it! Ahhhh!!
I emailed this picture to Evan, who told my mom he was screaming "Help! My tail is stuck!" Ha ha! I miss him so much.
 The CT scan went well...and fast. I got to be left in the waiting room with a bunch of other folks while hubby got to engage in other activities:
 With the CTScan done early, we walked around to find a place to eat, and ended up at the nearby Hard Rock Cafe. (Hubs wasn't allowed food or water since 10 the night before, so we were STARVING!) Ummm, yes, I starved too.
 Do you ever try to imagine someone somewhere and you just make up a mental image to put them there? Well, here is the hospital that we are at - it's connected to the Cancer Center, and actually to a few more hospitals, too! This place is like a medical mecca!
 Dr. F was awesome. he answered all our questions, and more (eh-hem, Heidi...), and we left feeling much better about it (well, hubs did, anyway...) I mean, this is where Lance Armstrong came, this is where almost every case of PNET cancer has been treated successfully, and this is THE doctor for the job. So we should be content, right? Yes. Okay. I will trrrrryyyyyy.
So after the meeting, we walked around downtown to see what we could see.
I LOVE the old buildings and architecture.

 Isn't this the cutest? A Webber Grill Restraunt! They even had weber grill circles on their gates, and it smelled DE-LISH. Too bad we didn't see that one sooner...
 This one is for Ev, our race fan. This will be one of the pace cars for the Indianapolis 500 that's just around the corner! He's going to LOVE seeing it on TV after he sees daddy with it. :)
 This building, St. Elmo's, reminds me of my brother's LEGO set, Green Grocer, or maybe the Grand Emporium. I kept looking for an ice cream vendor out front, but alas, in the real world, the LEGO ice cream cart has been replaced with homeless folks shaking their cups at you with signs saying "Pigeon does NOT taste like chicken".
Uhhh. Ew.

 At one point, we found a gym that's pretty important in the world of MMA-ish stuff, but since I'm typing this instead of hubby, I have NO idea what it was called or anything, just that the guys inside were throwing around vaguely familiar names like Randy Coture and such as their clientel. Hubby was pretty stoked, but to me, sadly, it was just a tiny room with a bunch of germs and air filled with dirty boy scent.

 By the end of the day, we exhausted from walking and touring and we found a restraunt called "Woody's Library Restraunt". It was a little house-like place, that had previously been a small library, refurbished into a mom & pop restraunt upstairs and a bar down below. It had all kinds of little books and such all around. Cute.
 The food was yummy & cheap, and since we couldn't eat after 10, we stuffed ourselves full, and headed home, to our hotel.
We'll arrive back at the hospital at 9am for admitting, and we'll see you again soon....
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